Vision – Mision of NDMU


Inspired by the charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat, Notre Dame of Marbel University envisions to be a Catholic Marist institution of learning dedicated to the spiritual, moral and academic formation of men and women who exemplify competence and social responsibility in the service of God and humanity.



As a Catholic institution founded on Marist traditions, Notre Dame of Marbel University commits itself to:

  • build  character – by providing quality Christian education to the youth making them capable of being leaven for responsible Christian living.
  • develop competence – by promoting the principles of quality education and by generating new knowledge that fosters human development and advancement of the society.
  • respect culture – by inculcating the principles of cultural solidarity, by instilling appreciation and preservation of the Filipino cultural heritage, and by promoting the Marist tradition where students are progressively initiated into their life-long challenge of harmonizing faith, culture and life.



“Character, Competence and Culture in harmony”