University Colors

Color symbolism is the most universal language spoken. From earliest times, colors have held a special meaning in peoples’ lives in different cultures.


NDMU, as a catholic Marist institution, adopted Gold and Green as its official colors. The color Gold is the universal symbols of pure light, divine intelligence, virtue, excellence, and the glory of God. On the hand, the color Green is the universal color of nature that represents life, hope, joy and eternity.


These colors, Gold and Green, capture the ideals of the university.


The color Gold represents the univerisity’s commitment in upholding academic excellence and integral formation of students, imbued with Marial virtues and values directed towards the goal: “God’s Greater Honor and Glory through Mary”.


The color Green speaks of the university’s pedagogical approach inspired by St. Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers – an approach to education which stresses the harmony of faith, life and culture.


Furthermore, the colors Gold and Green signify the university’s commitment and unity to all Notre Dame Educational Association (NDEA) members schools.


  • Gold symbolizes the golden virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary-NDEA’s Patroness.
  • Green indicates NDEA’s unceasing pursuit of the evergreen laurels of quality education