Student Development Services

To optimize students’ university experience, the Office of Student Affairs and Development takes leadership in creating a student-centred community where student holistic development is the core of its mission.

The Office supports and complements student learning by providing services and programs that enrich students’ social, cultural, ethical, and intellectual growth.

It facilitates participation of students to co-curricular and extracurricular events that foster the development of these areas. The program also addresses the development agenda of students with special needs.

The Three-Phase Leadership Training Program (LTP)

  • PHASE 1Enhancing Personal and Leadership Effectiveness
  • PHASE 2 – Enhancing Interpersonal and Group Effectiveness
  • PHASE 3 – Enhancing Pastoral Leadership


The Advocacy Program

  • Social awareness and responsibility is being encouraged among students. They are provided with avenues where they can be informed and lobby for issues affecting them, the community, and the nation as a whole.
  • The program on Advocacy helps in promoting critical thinking and informed sound judgment on issues confronting the students


The Safety, Security, and Disaster Preparedness Program

  • Special efforts are made to ensure a campus that is safe and secured. The school has supportive climate that appreciates racial, cultural, and other forms of diversity.
  • Each student receives a code of student conduct and discipline. The rules on conduct and discipline are found in the Student Handbook.
  • A manual containing the school’s procedures for security, which includes detailed instructions for implementing these procedures, is kept updated.
  • It includes a detailed procedure for bomb threats and other threats which necessitate evacuation and police involvement.
  • There are written plans that specify procedures to be followed in emergency situations, e. g., fire, disturbance, etc.