Job Title:          Records Clerk

Job Start Date: June 2018

Job Status:        Full-time Probationary

Job Description:

He/she will be assigned at the REQUEST WINDOW or in any areas within the Records Section. He/she will facilitate the request or inquiring made by the clientele (students, parents & alumnus).


Job Requirements:

  • He/she is knowledgeable in MS Word, Excel and other computer application software.
  • He/she is willing to extend extra hours if the office required to, easy or willing to learn if new tasks or assignment will be assigned to her/him.
  • College graduate (any 4 years course)
  • With or without experience


Submit your application letter and curriculum vitae at the Personnel Office or you may call 228-2218 for inquiries.

Deadline of Job Posting: May 15, 2018