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NDMU celebrates Feast of St. Marcellin 

  On June 5, 2020, the personnel of the Notre Dame of Marbel University commemorated the legacy of St. Marcellin of Champagnat through a Eucharistic celebration held at the NDMU Chapel. Most Rev. Cerilo Casicas, DD of the Diocese of Marbel presided the mass,...

2020 Student Research Forum features 6 studies

On February 12, 2020 at the university gymnasium, six groups of student-researchers presented the 2020 Student Research Forum. This event was part of the programs of the NDMU Academic Week. Here are the following researches that were discussed: Research Title...

Faculty Research Forum showcases diverse studies

During the first afternoon of the annual NDMU Academic Week, the faculty members gathered to value the significance of research to the university through the 2020 Faculty Research Forum on February 11, 2020 at the SMC Hall. With eight presentations, the community...

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NDMU 1st takers of REE licensure exam obtain 100% rate

NDMU 1st takers of REE licensure exam obtain 100% rate

All of the first-takers of the NDMU’s BS-Electrical Engineering program passed the August 2019 Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) Licensure Examination by the Professional Regulation Commission. The following 16 new electrical engineers are the following:...

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Crossing through the lake with Bangka-aralan

Crossing through the lake with Bangka-aralan

For most of the young ones in the urban areas, education comes in handy. Reforms, opportunities, and a supportive network allow them to better themselves and explore their capacities to their utmost. A lot of options for their future are out there, a stone’s throw...

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Updates and Announcements

NDMU-IBED Elementary Online Enrolment

NDMU-IBED Elementary Online Enrolment

The Notre Dame of Marbel University-Integrated Basic Education opens its enrolment process for the elementary students. Kindly accomplish the form through this link: tiny.cc/elemenrolndmuibed.   For queries, contact the IBED Registrar’s Office at (083) 228-3872...

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A New Beginning

Marist Bicentenary Theme Song, Philippines Sector, East Asia Province

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NDMU is a Green University

Faithful to its Vision-Mission and Core Values, with the mandate of the Marist Educators’ Congress and the Thrust of the Diocese of Marbel, NDMU, through its Green University Program, commits itself to uphold the preservation of Mother Earth.