The Vision-Mission of Notre Dame of Marbel University is capsulated in three words:  Character, Competence and Culture.

In view of this, NDMU aims to:

  • provide programs of studies responsive to the educational needs of the  local, national and international communities;
  • uphold educational excellence and spiritual/moral formation;
  • train competent individuals imbued with a sense of nationalism and social responsibility;
  • engage in researches for human development and advancement of society;
  • inculcate respect for and appreciation of cultural diversity;
  • develop innovative programs that contribute to the enhancement of peace and development;
  • create relevant  community involvement programs responsive to the needs of the poor especially the disadvantaged youth;
  • promote active participation in the activities of the local Church in fulfilling her vision, mission and thrusts;
  • network and collaborate with partner agencies in enhancing the mission; and
  • instill the Marist Spirit and tradition embodied in the motto “All to Jesus through Mary.”