NDMU Quality Policy Statement

Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU) is  a Catholic, Marist Institution of learning situated in the culturally pluralistic province of South Cotabato.

As a Marist institution, NDMU is committed to provide quality Christian education to the multi-cultural region it serves emphasizing the development of responsible citizens imbued with Christian values and professional competence needed to assume leadership roles in the society.

NDMU’s commitment to relevant quality Christian education is manifested in its strong adherence to the pursuit of providing quality management system that provides a framework for educational products and services that meet “customer satisfaction”, meeting statutory and regulatory requirements, and continued improvement of its quality management system.

NDMU’s commitment to provide excellent service impels all sectors of the university to observe the following principles that support the aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement:

  • Customer Focus – NDMU, as a Marist Institution of learning, is committed to regularly conduct monitoring of curriculum, programs, and operations to meet the expectations of the stakeholders;
  • Leadership – NDMU, as a leading Higher Education Institution in the area, is committed to take an active role in the advancement of education specifically in the areas of instruction, research and community extension;
  • Engagement of People – NDMU, as an Academic Community, is concerned with the involvement of everyone in the university in maintaining an excellent delivery of services;
  • Process approach – NDMU adopts the Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle in its quality assurance process to ensure that quality standards are upheld;
  • Continuous Improvement – NDMU, as a  Center of Educational Excellence, is committed to employ comprehensive strategic and operational planning process that engages the entire academic community in seeking the best approaches in improving the university’s operation in all areas at all levels;
  • Evidence-based Decision Making – NDMU, as a Marist Institution, ensures that the ideals, heritage, and charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat remain as an integral part of the university’s culture, and decisions are made based on the results of evaluations, feedback, research data, and other factual information;
  • Relationship Management – NDMU strives to cultivate partnership with suppliers in the provision of quality services to students and stakeholders.