On June 5, 2020, the personnel of the Notre Dame of Marbel University commemorated the legacy of St. Marcellin of Champagnat through a Eucharistic celebration held at the NDMU Chapel.

Most Rev. Cerilo Casicas, DD of the Diocese of Marbel presided the mass, reminding the community that St. Marcellin must be thought of as an exemplar of faith more than he is an intercessor of prayer requests, since his ideals are vital in establishing NDMU’s vision and mission.

In the bishop’s homily, he said the virtue of a child is necessary in entering the kingdom of God, as seen through the life of St. Marcellin who granted the neglected young people with quality education through his ministry known as the Marist Brothers of the Schools.

He challenged the personnel to inculcate the virtue of humility within them, accept their ‘littleness’ like that of a child, and reflect on the humble beginnings of the Marist Brothers.

“I hope the work of the Marist Brothers continues,” Bishop Casicas said, and encouraged the congregation to be active in the social transformation in the region. With the crucial changes happening in the world, NDMU should serve as an institution that does not allow abject poverty and other societal problems, he added.

He ended the homily by appreciating NDMU for constantly uniting to celebrate the Feast Day despite the daily transactions they are fulfilling. The hour the personnel spent one Friday afternoon is necessary for them to focus their energy on the dream that St. Marcellin Champagnat aspired for the world.

NDMU held the Feast of St. Marcellin one day advanced to the 2020 celebration on the 6th of June, Saturday. Prior to the Eucharistic celebration, the university prayed the novena to St. Marcellin which started on May 26, 2020 (excluding weekends).