A 72-year commitment in advancing transformative education while stressing the value of character, competence, and culture is worth celebrating. Notre Dame of Marbel University held in advance its 72nd Foundation Day on September 28, 2018, to unite and acknowledge the efforts of the people responsible for all the accomplishments of the institution. The event became more meaningful as it also celebrated two important milestones in the same day: the 70th year of Marist presence in the Philippines and the 10th year of Marist East Asia Province.



Talents, inspiration, and sense of community

Bearing the theme ‘Keeping the fire burning towards transformative education,’ NDMU President Br. Wilfredo E. Lubrico, FMS shared an inspirational message, reminding the employees and students the core values the institution hold true, and the virtue of academic excellence and holistic learning.


The opening program also showcased the talents of the Dameans. Tambuli Singers and Ihip Marista Overture started the groove with their rendition of some Broadway and classical favorites. Elementary and high school students of NDMU-IBED presented a field demonstration number, showing their growing love for country through dance.


The next presenters refreshed the audience on the success and hype from the recently concluded U-Week 2018. The crowd witnessed the folk dance and cheer dance presentations of the different colleges and teams. For the finale performance, a pop-rock song performed by CBA Band and composed by Julius Bermudez played on. Titled Tatak Marista, it has since become a signature tune in any NDMU event due to its catchy chorus and inspirational lyrics that relates to every student: “Sabi nila, ‘di ako magtatagal, sa mundong pabago-bago dahil ako’y mas bumabagal. Sa ‘kin naman, hinding-hindi ako susuko, dahil alam ko sa mundong ito, Siya ay gumagabay.”



Solidarity and merriment are best revealed on the food laid on the table, and the NDMU community would not let a lunch banquet pass. Dubbed as Piyesta sa Campus, each office and student clubs gathered around SLR Lobby, Quadrangle, and Br. Renato Cruz Lobby to indulge on Filipino dishes and refreshments.


On September 28-30, the Sports/Athletics Office provided an arena for students to embody their inclination to sports and create connections through NDMU Sports Friendship Games 2018. This three-day program hosted volleyball, basketball, softball, football, and baseball events.

The Marist Brothers

As the day also marked the culminating celebration of the 70th year of the Marist presence in the Philippines and 10th year of Marist East Asia Province, the morning program recognized the Marist Brothers from the different communities. Their dedication in empowering communities is greatly inspired by St. Marcellin Champagnat, and his quote transformed into a cornerstone of Marist education, “To educate children properly, we should love them and love them equally.”

The following Marist Brothers were honored: Br. Wenceslao Paterno, FMS; Br. Nelson Beltran, FMS; Br. Cristino Sta. Ana, FMS; Br. Albert Muñoz, FMS; Br. Fred Salubre, FMS; Br. Lindley Sionosa, FMS; Br. Teodulo Fernandez, FMS; Br. Lowell Solinap; Bro. Ernie Sentina, FMS; and Bro. Rosendo Yee, FMS. NDMU’s very own Marist Brothers were also acknowledged, such as Br. Wilfredo Lubrico, FMS, Br. Allan de Castro, Br. Rene Reyes, and Br. Roy Deita.

Dameans give back

Responsiveness and generosity are two important values in the eyes of every Damean. The Foundation Day paved way for students and personnel to give back through participating in fund-raising activities.

The Sports/Athletics Office, in partnership with Physical Education Department, organized a Fun Run for a Cause, a three-kilometer run around the major road in the city. The said committee also held a Zumba Marathon, with the attendees coming mostly from the senior high school students.

Opportunities for students and personnel to give back went on through Musika para sa Kinabukasan, an advocacy project of the Supreme Student Government. It was a concert for a cause featuring the Marist Jam, an emerging band in the school whose members are proud Dameans. The audience were also entertained by a performance from the faculty members of the senior high.

The fund-raisers were able to collect 102,220. All of the proceeds will be used to financially support the scholarship program Abante Lumad. It is a program that provides tuition subsidy to Lumad scholars enrolled in College of Education.


To pass on the appreciation of the Marist presence in the country to the younger generations, a photo exhibit depicting the important personalities of the Marist community as well as their line of work was opened on September 26, 2018, two days before the Foundation Day.



In addition, student photographers showed off pictures of the daily life of a Damean through the photography contest organized by the Office of Student Affairs and Development. The 1st placers in every category are the following: Kyle Julian Romero for events; Kristian Decolongan for campus; and a representative from NDMU-IBED for student’s life.

There are plenty reasons to revel on a single Friday, Director of Student Affairs Dr. Wilter Friales said. That the institution has been running efficiently for 72 years—reaping successes and learning experiences—entails NDMU’s seriousness of its mission for quality education.