Masters in Public Administration (MPA)

The Education Program addresses itself to post-tertiary training of teachers and school administrators. It offers programs at the masters and doctoral levels. Specifically, the Education Program aims to:

  • develop pedagogical skills and deepining of curriculum content for teachers at the elementary, secondary, collegiate and post-tertiary levels;
  • develop research skills for practical aaplication to education concerns and for the advancement of knowledge;
  • engage in research and publication for the benifit of public and private education in its area os service.

The Master in Public Administration Program sees its role in providing quality training for public officials and government employees to improve the local, provincial and national government in the area of NDMU and its environment.

The program aims to provide theoretical inputs, practical applications and research skills for the development of its clientele.

The purpose of the MPA program is to provide qualified students with the necessary skills and knowledge for a professional career in government and non-profit organizations. Its goal is to meet the growing demand for competent public administrators by providing continuing professional education to men and women who wish to prepare for careers in public service or to enable those now working in the public sector to upgrade their skills and competences in public service. Students under this program are exposed to the current issues in public administration as well as to the practical application of various skills and techniques in the field. The program is inter-disciplinary – drawing from both business and economics.

Like all other programs offered by the NDMU Graduate School, the MPA program is structured to facilitate the enrolment of those working on weekdays. Accordingly, classes are held on Saturdays.

General Pattern of the Master in Public Administration (MPA) Program

Basic Courses 12 units
Major Courses 18 units
Cognates 6 units
Seminar on Research (6) units
Thesis Writing 6 units
Comprehensive Examination (No Credit)
Total Units Required 42 units