Master of Science (MS)

The Education Program addresses itself to post-tertiary training of teachers and school administrators. It offers programs at the masters and doctoral levels. Specifically, the Education Program aims to:

  • develop pedagogical skills and deepening of curriculum content for teachers at the elementary, secondary, collegiate and post-tertiary levels;
  • develop research skills for practical application to education concerns and for the advancement of knowledge;
  • engage in research and publication for the benefit of public and private education in its area of service.

The MS Programs are designed for students with clear academic and professional goals. These programs are especially well suited to professionals who may wish to pursue careers in research, teaching, agriculture, rural extension and development, information technology and other fields needed in the industry.

The programs aim to produce highly qualified teachers and educators in the tertiary and graduate level as well as competent researchers and industry executives.

Areas of Specializations

  • Biology
  • Chemistry

General Pattern of the MS Programs

Basic Courses 12 units
Major Courses 15 units
Cognates 6 units
Seminar on Research 6 units
Thesis Writing 6 units
Comprehensive Examination No Credit
Total Units Required 45 units