Health Services

All students are given physical and dental examination by the University physicians and dentists. Every first semester, all college students are required to undergo the annual medical and dental check-ups.

Other Services Rendered:

Medical and Dental

  • Consultation
  • Dressing of wounds
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hemoglobin determinant {upon doctor’s request, by appointment}
  • Cavity Filling
  • Tooth extraction

To avail of Dental Services, the student has to see the Clinic In-charge every Monday morning for scheduling.

Clinic Policies

  • Courtesy and good manners must be observed in and out of the Clinic.
  • Loitering and smoking in the Clinic is strictly prohibited.
  • Get acquainted with the doctors’ schedule as posted.
  • Consultation is done on a first-come-first-serve basis except for emergency cases.
  • The student must provide the Physician and Clinic In-charge true and correct information of his/her medical history, drug allergies, and medicines currently being taken.
  • Treatment and taking of any medicines can only be dispensed by the authorized persons in  the clinic.
  • Medicines should only be dispensed directly to the patient.  Second parties are not allowed.
  • Only starter medicines for common ailments are provided in the Clinic. Other medicines like antibiotic, vitamins, and cough syrup, etc., are prescribed by the doctors.
  • Medicines used for emergency cases like nebules for asthmatic attacks will be provided by the Clinic but should be replaced by the user to ensure ready supply for the future use.
  • Medical certificates are issued only to those who are currently enrolled and to those who sought consultation in the clinic.
  • Parents and guardians are notified when hospitalization of the student is needed. They are informed when students have serious health problems.
  • Students who wish to be vaccinated at the NDMU clinic should bring their own vaccine and syringe with needle.
  • Cold chain in the handling of Hepa-B vaccines should be strictly observed.
  • Cases which need an expert advice or those that cannot be managed at the school clinic level are referred to the appropriate health facilities
  • Only dental extraction is offered at the Clinic and is charged of P 50.00. However, post extraction medicines are prescribed by the Dentist.