The following applicants have been admitted to the 1st batch of the NDMU College of Law for the academic year 2019 – 2020:

1.       Aguila, Janelle M.
2.       Agustin, Weena Ann S.
3.       Agusto, Arien M.
4.       Alair, Ryan J.
5.       Antesa, Diane Marie A.
6.       Aquilam, Marian Grazelle P.
7.       Bahay, Louie B.
8.       Barliso, Ariane Rea C.
9.       Basan, Ma. Fatima G.
10.    Basco, Andrea Thea H.
11.    Ben, Keithe Frances V.
12.    Blancia, Jeany M.
13.    Boloron, Niño Louie R.
14.    Caballo, Genelyn E.
15.    Cabinbin, Ariel P.
16.    Cuevas, Joanne Mae B.
17.    Dalipe, Mary Ann T.
18.    Delposo, Ralph Jude B.
19.    Endaila, Mobin A.
20.    Entila, Maharajah Rajhs S.
21.    Gabiazon, Mary Methyl Joy B.
22.    Guillermo, Deo Dexter G.
23.    Halique, Jun Rex H.
24.    Ibrahim, Jamillah D.
25.    Kusingan, Salymah L.
26.    Ladera, Mikaela Rea M.
27.    Lamalan, Jabel Al-Ahmad A.
28.    Lugan, Bary L.
29.    Mabaning, Yasser P.
30.    Mallari-Hocamis, Ma. Catherine C.
31.    Mapa, Charmaine Lou D.
32.    Monterey, Jay-R
33.    Nerona, Joanne Klaudine M.
34.    Ofong-Morillo, Sherry Care N.
35.    Ojanola, Raleigh J.
36.    Pama, Caryl Jazzay D.
37.    Pama, Christine Joy D.
38.    Ponce De Leon, Pearl Deinne M.
39.    Quintero, Aldrin F.
40.    Ramos, Rose Vannelou B.
41.    Sabido, Gerlie Mae C.
42.    Saligbon, ED Ralph S.
43.    Samulde, June Mar S.
44.    Solaiman, Sheryl Ann G.
45.    Soriano, Frederick D.
46.    Sormillo, Hazel  O.
47.    Sucaldito, Romeo, Jr.
48.    Tabunaway, Giesaril T.
49.    Tadeja, Marlon D.
50.    Tamson, Relmie T.
51.    Teves, Kevin G.
52.    Valeña, Franz Marlou M.
53.    Viloria, Mary Grace J.
54.    Vingno, Regine L.
55.    Yatar, Maria Theresa Mae Q.
56.    Yutiamco, Maybelle Anne C.


Admitted applicants must confirm their intent to enroll and pay a non-refundable reservation fee of Php 5,000.00 on or before the close of business hours on June 18, 2019, Monday.   Those who have not taken the PhilSAT must submit a conditional admission permit from the Legal Education Board (LEB).  Further, admission is conditioned upon full compliance by the applicant with LEB requirements pertaining to minimum academic units preparatory to law school.

Failure to comply with the foregoing conditions shall cause the forfeiture of admission.

Please be informed that enrolment shall be from June 19 to 21, 2019.