College of Engineering and Technology


The goal of the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) of the Notre Dame of Marbel University is to develop globally competent and professional engineers and IT professionals imbued with proper values and instilled with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to self, society, and God based on Christian love and social justice.


Specifically, the College of Engineering and Technology aims to  :

  1. imbue students with a strong Marist tradition of education emphasizing respect for the dignity of work and for the great value of the person;
  2. produce engineering graduates who are most preferred by the industry, well-prepared to pass the board examinations and trained to become potential leaders and professionals in the engineering field;
  3. educate and train computer professinals knowledgeable and competent in meeting the growing demand for software developers and IT persons in government , business, industry and education;
  4. obtain and maintain state of the art and engineering research and computer testing centre;
  5. continuously adapt education and training programs to rapid development in engineering, computer and technology;
  6. strengthen linkages with related industries in order to fund research and to support grants, and to be aware of the needs and demands in the industries;
  7. be involved with the local community by continuously providing technical skills and consultancy services; and
  8. provide sufficient exposure to related academic instructions through actual practices in the fields of engineering computers.