College of Business Administration


The College of Business Administration (CBA) prepares students to become responsive leaders who are committed to address the growing demands of manpower in business, commerce, and industry and government service. The courses in the College are designed to provide students with basic Christian liberal education, opportunities for professional competencies, and relevant application in business employment and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Through its programs, the College of Business Administration specifically aims to:

  1. provide students with theoretical and practical business education enabling them to fulfill positions of trust and responsibility as professional accountants, bookkeepers, financial analyst, human resource assistant, account executive, marketing assistant,   secretaries, secretarial educators, economist, business executives, hoteliers, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs;
  2. instill in the students value of and dedication to hard work through the spirit of enterprise;
  3. develop students with integrity, possessing a sense of professionalism and sound responsibility and prepared to participate actively in the socio-economic undertaking of the locality as well as of the country;
  4. provide students with varied opportunities and sufficient exposures to the multi-divergent values and beliefs of the area, thereby developing their respect for and appreciation of diverse cultural dimensions of people and circumstances;
  5. advance the frontiers of business knowledge through research and emphasize the role of business in national development;
  6. develop individuals imbued with commitment and sense of responsibility to assume leadership by example reflective of the Marist Christian Values, attitudes, and ideals;
  7. enable students to pursue and harness their knowledge and  skills in endeavors that appreciate, preserve and enrich what is truly reflective of South Cotabato and of the entire of the country.