College of Arts and Sciences


The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) provides an opportunity for holistic development of NDMU students through multidisciplinary trainings in the field of humanities and arts, politics, languages, and sciences.

These trainings are essential in developing systematic, logical, and critical thinking skills of students in the conduct of scientific, social and educational researches.

Furthermore, the college nurtures the students’ cultural, social and moral fibers as they develop to be responsible and competent professionals.

In the context of Religious Education as the core of the curriculum, the College of Arts and Sciences aspires to develop among the students the following:

  1. interest in Philippine politics, international affairs and crucial issues such as peace and    order, environment, health and the like;
  2. critical and constructive attitude towards life through reading, discussions and reflections on philosophical issues;
  3. national pride for Filipino heritage and identity;
  4. research culture by providing an environment conducive for generating new knowledge and disseminate such outputs through local and international publications, colloquia and fora;
  5. spirit of scientific inquiry, proficiency in manipulative skills and ability to solve problems and issues intelligently and scientifically;
  6. ability to understand individual and group behavior and promote mental health and hygiene;
  7. strong sense of justice in the administration of the laws and the protection of the fundamental human rights;
  8. mature personality which is the distinctive feature of a professional in this interdependent modern society;