Champagnat Community College

Love of the poor is a precious part of the heritage left by Blessed Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Congregation. In the face of poverty, of the needs of the poor, he would be there with his friendship and his assistance, with his Brothers, with consolation and material help.


It is in this rational that NDMU named its Extension Department, “Champagnat Community College” which is basically concentrated to helping the impoverished sector of the society through its extension sevice programs.


The increasing awareness of people toward education and social crises puts NDMU in the basic prerogative to reach out and make its resource readily available to other communities in order to give a flexible continuing education that does not provide only formal education to NDMU students but also non-formal education that reaches down to the marginalized poor and the less privileged.


The Champagnat Community College (CCC) or named as NDMU’s triple C is the community extension arm of the university. It shares with the vision of the university in building a progressive and healthy community. It is continuously existing for sevice to others through its channels of academic, non-academic and special programs.


CCC is established to implement projects that promote the welfare of the marginalized people and develop themselves by developing their communities. The CCC focuses on the hands-on role in the design, implementation, and evaluation of community development activities.


Our Vision

Self-reliant, Self-sufficient, Sustainable and God loving communities Living in harmony with the environment.


Our Mission

CCC in partnership with service communities, LGUs, NGOs, GOs and funding institutions will assist in the development of communities through the provision of education; technical trainings; health services; enterprise development; livelihood programs; and access to social services and participation in local governance.


Our Goal

To improve the quality of life of the present and future generations of service partner communities through partnership efforts for sustainable development


Our Objectives

  • Develop and implement innovative sustainable programs that will help improve the quality of life in this multi-cultural region of Southern Mindanao and neighboring Mindanao regions.
  • Establish stronger linkages with NGOs, POs and GOs for inter-institutinal cooperation towards service areas development and for possible fund sourcing of special programs in national and international levels.
  • Strengthen and sustain on-going programs and explore the possiblility of the construction and development of a Champagnat Community College Training and Resource Center for all sectors of Mindanao society with special attention to deprived, depressed, disadvantaged and underserved people.
  • Strengthen the institutionalization of the community extension programs of the University through partnership efforts of all levels of the university system in skill, technical, social, spiritual and cultural upliftment.
  • Continue to develop and strengthen administrators, faculty, staff and students’ commitment, effectiveness and efficiency in implementing quality services towards sustainable community development oriented impact.