Campus Ministry Services

The Campus Ministry (CM) views all the academic community as a mini-parish.  It seeks to assist the school in the implementation of its vision-mission through the various activities and programs it will initiate.

The CM enhances effectively the formal classroom teaching by supplementing it with spiritual value formation through liturgical  activities, seminars, exposure programs, recollections, retreats, etc.

The program sees to it that all activities of the institution are directed towards the realization of its vision-mission.  It facilitates avenues for religion classes to actualize its doctrines/religious values in the concrete realities surrounding the school/institution.

The Campus Ministry coordinates with the Religious Education in the promotion of the integral formation of the academic community.  Hence, Campus Ministry helps enrich the ongoing formation and growth of the people in the school.

The Campus Ministry Programs respond to the psycho-spiritual needs of the school community especially the youth in terms of their formation and other related activities.

It also trains, develops, and forms the young students to be evangelizers of their fellow youths in the school and the bigger community thus making them catalyst of change and young builders of the Basic Christian Community.

The Campus Ministry offers the following services:


  • Retreats
  • Recollections
  • Spiritual Directions
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Social Awareness


Social Service

  • Catechetical Program
  • Community Outreach Program



  • Liturgical Services