During the 73rd year of the Notre Dame of Marbel University on October 1-3, 2019, the young people took the lead.

With the theme “Bringing the youth’s dreams to life through the years,” NDMU hosted an array of activities for thanksgiving, raised funds for the school projects, and launched programs in celebration of the university’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 2021.


On October 1st, administrators, personnel, and students attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Foundation Exhibit and Fair.

The community walked up to the gallery presenting the achievements and journey of the Maristas through the years.

The Bro. Renato Cruz Hall Lobby opened up space for the community to celebrate the vitality of the youth and the need to develop each of them holistically.


The whole morning of the second day of the celebration instilled camaraderie and fellowship on the Family Fun Run for a Cause and Sports Festival.


Friendship games for the NDMU students included volleyball, football, darts, and basketball.


On October 3, NDMU offered a time for the holy rosary, and the Eucharistic celebration, as well as the 1st Blessing of Pets in solidarity with the Season of Creation.


School chaplain Fr. Ariel Destora presided the Eucharistic celebration. He reflected on the Gospel of Luke and reminded the NDMU community of the mission of the church.

“Ministry is the duty of the followers,” said Fr. Destora, and added that “Sunday Christians” should avoid complacency, thinking that ministry is only by virtue of ordination. He said that as witnesses of the gospel, the youth and NDMU as bridge-builders to the youth must act together to bring social good. He also advocated the “urgent need of self-criticism” among institutions to keep up with the pace of today’s concerns.

According to Fr. Destora, history has told NDMU’s involvement in social transformation, and history will also tell its steadfastness.



The second part of the program is the Launching of the Diamond Jubilee hosted by Student Affairs and Development Director Wilter Friales, starting with the unveiling of the Diamond Jubilee Logo and Project Chapel for NDMU-IBED.

The following people unveiled the said pieces: President Bro. Wilfredo Lubrico, FMS; Administrative Vice President Dr. Andres O. Magallanes, Jr.; Academic Vice President Dr. Joan P. Palma; Campus Ministry – Religious Education Director Bro. Roy Deita, FMS; members of the Board of Trustees Bro. Allan de Castro, FMS, Atty. Paisal Tanjili, and Mrs. Lolly Estacion; Bro. Pepito Mahong, FMS; representatives of retirees Dr. Noemi Silva and Dr. Buenafe Quillope; and alumni representatives Mrs. Aurora Sarmiento and Mrs. Benita Tandog.


True to the Marist tradition of safeguarding the youth, the vulnerable, the environment, the women, and the disadvantaged, the NDMU stakeholders introduced the programs and projects leading up to its 75th year:

Projects/Programs Presenters
NDMU Volunteers Program Dr. Andres Magallanes, Jr., Administrative Vice-President
Skills Fest Caravan for the Out-of-School Youth in the Diocese of Marbel Mr. Ian Kenneth Jed Socias, Supreme Student Government President
Alumni Legacy Program Dr. Al Quillope, Center for Peace and Environment Coordinator
Gender and Human Development Program Sr. Pacita Babiera, Gender and Human Development Center Coordinator
Marist Hope Center for Justice and Good Governance Atty. Noel Ben, Legal Aid and Community Extension of NDMU College of Law


In the gymnasium, the event ended with the grand launching of the Diamond Jubilee Theme Song, “NDMU is Diamond.” The song was composed by Dr. Wilter Friales.



The anniversary celebration at the reviewing stand went on to be rousing with several performances by the NDMU Tambuli Singers and Symphonic Bands, as well as field demonstration numbers by the elementary, junior high school, and senior high school students.




The winning performers during the University Week also showed why they won on folk dance, hip-hop, and cheer dance.

In the consecutive afternoons of the Foundation Anniversary, tremendous talents flooded the university with the variety show featuring the NDMU Performing Arts Group (Oct. 2) and the acrobatic show by the commissioned acrobats from Cebu (Oct. 3).


Beyond the entertainment is a greater initiative of generosity as the proceeds of such afternoon shows will go to the Diamond Jubilee projects of NDMU.