Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) Program provides students with a broad educational background essential to modern civil engineering practice, research and application.

The Civil Engineering program endeavors to produce engineers who possess technical competence and the ability to communicate, think critically and creatively, imbued with the charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat, enabling them to become beneficial and dependable constituents of the society and contribute to the regional and national development.

Upon completion of the BS Civil Engineering program, the graduates are expected to have:

  1. obtained strong foundation in science and mathematics, engineering sciences, and civil engineering principles purposely to practice the profession effectively and to be adoptive to the present and future trends of the global practice of the profession;
  2. developed the technical skills in the application of the acquired civil engineering principles such as designing, building, improving, and installing systems or process whether to meet the desired needs or to address the prevailing natural and man-made calamities;
  1. acquired indispensable technical knowledge and skills to conduct researches related to civil engineering and their beneficial contributions to the advancement of the profession;
  2. gained deep understanding of the civil engineers‟ social and ethical responsibilities and to be able to consider these in the design of a project and in dealing with their clients effectively;
  3. imbibed the value of volunteerism through collaborative engagements that cater to the needs of the society especially to the members of the cultural minority and the underprivileged; and
  4. exhibited the charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat and the university‟s core values by ensuring that all his conduct are anchored in the beliefs and teachings of St. Marcellin Champagnat.

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