Bachelor of Arts (AB)

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The AB Philosophy Program aims to develop:

  • The students’ critical and constructive attitude towards life through reading, discussions and reflections on philosophical issues;
  • The students’ critical thinking, particularly their capabilities of analyzing philosophical arguments and texts, constructing good arguments and presenting their arguments in a clear, logical manner both in written and oral form;
  • Among the students, a holistic but adequate understanding of the relevant philosophical concepts and issues; and
  • Among the students, a deep sense of appreciation of the beauty of reason and of the value of inquiry and their responsibility to think rationally and constructively in all situations.

PhD_EducMgtComplete Subject Catalogue for Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Click to Download)


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The  AB Political Science Program aims to develop the students’:

  • Understanding of the important political concepts, issues and theories;
  • Strong sense of moral and social responsibility in contributing to the development of Philippine politics particularly in the promotion of peace and justice;
  • Deep appreciation of their national heritage and identity;
  • Critical thinking and analysis of the pressing political issues and their capability of effectively translating their ideas into words and actions; and
  • Verbal, analytic and quantitative skills in the conduct of social research.

PhD_EducMgtComplete Subject Catalogue for Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Click to Download)


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The AB Psychology  Program aims to:

  • Develop among the students an in-depth understanding of the important concepts and various theories in Psychology;
  • Build the students’ research capabilities particularly their verbal, analytic and quantitative skills;
  • Develop their capabilities in the application of psychological theories in analyzing complex human behaviors and in dealing with actual situation; and
  • Foster among the students a sense of appreciation and understanding of the complex human behavior and of the different human personalities.